Welcome to Dynamo!

Dynamo is a fast-playing RPG about super heroes and villains. But this is no rose-colored take on comic history. Dynamo harkens back to the Golden Age of super heroes - when a hero's only qualification for stopping evil was having super powers, and they were more likely to punch their way to victory than rely on the law. It was a time when villains did villainy just because they were villains, and their schemes held to theme even when completely lacking in logic.

Dynamo is a game about those heroes and villains. Players create a team of heroes using a very simple point-buy character creation system. The GM creates a villain and some minions. Then the heroes bust heads until they figure out what's going on and put a stop to it.

It's the light, pick-up-and-play super RPG you didn't know you needed.

Download Dynamo

Dynamo is currently in v2 of the beta text. It's been well play-tested, but the book's language is still being worked on and there's no artwork.


Dynamo Beta 3 Rules

Download and play the Dynamo beta rules in PDF format.


"Dynamo does for super heroes what GENERALA did for mopey Drow." - Richard Nixon

"If you're not playing Dynamo, you're not playing Dynamo!" - BuyPositiveReviewsCheap.com

"This is some sort of game, I guess." - My mom

Dynamo AP Podcasts

Want to know how Dynamo actually plays? Here are a couple recordings of actual Dynamo games.

The Blackfish - an ecoterrorist threatens a coastal town in the name of caged sealife.

Mis-Directed - an action movie shoot goes awry when a crazed villain releases a chemical agent to make more super powered beings.

The Terror of Dr. Toddler - the wee-est of villains is out to poison the town's water supply in order to eradicate nap time forever.

Extra Stuff


Dynamo Character Sheets

A printable page of character sheets for Dynamo. Designed as 2-up on an 8.5 x 11 sheet, PDF


Continuing Dynamo

Dynamo may be playable, but the final book is still being worked on. Check back to this page for updates and revisions to the digital version.